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Textile Garment Label Printing Zebra Printer Black Wash Thermal Ink Ribbon

Textile Garment Label Printing Zebra Printer Black Wash Thermal Ink Ribbon

(Summary description)

Textile Garment Label Printing Zebra Printer Black Wash Thermal Ink Ribbon

(Summary description)

For Printer Brand: Argox Godex Citizen Et
Feature: Compatible
Color: Black
Classification: Printer Ribbon
Thermal Transfer Ribbon Axis Dimension: 1 Inch
Thermal Transfer Ribbon Roll: Carbon Outside

Product Description

Textile garment label printing Zebra printer black wash thermal ink ribbon

* Resin ribbon excellent with anti-friction, corrosion, with a wide range of synthetic material like PET, OPP, PE, PVC application
* High resolution suitable for printing standard and rotation barcode.
* Satisfy printing demands for different materials.
* High sensitivity to ensure the great printing results.
*Anti-static back coating technics for print-head protection.

Common ribbon material:  wax, wax resin, resin and wash resin
Type:  flat-edge, near-edge
Color available: black, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, amythest, brown, orange, metallic gold/silver, bright gold/silver, dark grey, light grey, cyan, navy blue, magenta, burgandy etc.

Different series thermal ink ribbon:

 Material  Merit   Disadvantage Application range
wax Economic and substantial Not so good at anti-scratch abrasion Ordinary barcode label, adhesive stickers, garments drop, writing paper, coated paper
Wax/resin With better ability anti-scratch, smear and abrasion, friction Little bit higher price, with perfect printing effects on coated paper sticker labels Coated paper, garments/ commodity hang tags, writing paper mirror coated paper, PVC
resin Excellent anti-scratch, resistant with alcohol solvent, corrosion, with certain high temperature High price, suitable for synthetic material , like PVC, PET, BOPP, OPP, PE material Mirror coated, PVC PET, pearl luster paper, PP, PE, OPP, BOPP 
Wash/resin exclusively Waterproof, anti alcohol solvent and high-temperature ironing, no duslting, no color easily fade away  Only could be used for special substrates Nylon taffeta, silk, satin ribbon, fabric ribbon, TPU, iron on label , wash care label etc.

2. Printer ribbon core:

Half core ribbon

The ribbon suits for small printer for gk420t, os214 plus, gk430t, gk888t etc.

Or 1 inch core : Standard printer TTP346 TX-300, TE310 , citizen, godex argox printer etc.

Or Sato printer use 4CM.


How to operate the ribbon on the barcode printer properly?

1. In any case, ribbon should be a little wider than the labels, for the protection of printer head, which decrease the friction between printer head and labels.

2.  put the ribbon on convey spindle, barcode labels or stickers on label roll spindle, especially notice that the ribbon or label must be in the middle of the spindle, and aligned.

3.  Be sure that the inking side of ribbon will be contact with labels


How to preserve the ribbon:


Usage: 5ºC-35ºC,45%-85%relatively humid

Shipment: -5ºC-45ºC,20%-85%under relatively humid, no more than one month

Storage: -5ºC-40ºC,20%-85% ,within one year.

To ensure the best printing effects, please according the above request to protect it from outside environment influences.

NOTICE: Please do not explode the ribbon directly into the sunshine and wet environment, in case for damage its printing results.


Thermal transfer printer / Barcode printer printing machine

1. This types of barcode label printer suits for many different kinds label substrates printing like paper adhesive label sticker,
synthetic labels, cardboard hang tags, or different kind label materials ( like Textile fabric satin ribbon, nylon taffeta, Iron
on label , TPU care labels etc)

To use on such printer advantages :
suits for small amounts products once time, can set to any sizes , any design as per your request.
with high printing speed , like 4 inches/sec, 6 inches/sec , 10 inches/ sec , 14 inches/sec
Suits for Monochrome single color printing( but can use different color printer ribbon)
Quites useful for factory like print commodity name labels , garment factory for wash care label printing etc.
Delete the premise printing preparation like in old way normal printing like silk screen, flexgraphy etc..

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Superstrong Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label Printer 30mm-110mm*300m
Superstrong Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label Printer 30mm-110mm*300m
Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label Printer
Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Barcode Label Printer
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Resin Barcode Carbon Thermal Ribbon

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